Phytocannabinoid Drops 600 Bundle


We are offering a bundle of SatiMed Phytocannabinoid Plus Formula phytocannabinoid Drops 600

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Product Description: Phytocannabinoid oil Drops 600 is based on SatiMed Phytocannabinoid Plus Formula which comprises essential combination of nonpsychoactive phytocannabinoids from plant of Hemp: Cannabidiol, Cannabidiolic acid formulated in natural oil from Hemp seeds. Product also contains therapeutic value possessing Cannabivarin and Cannabigerol.

Production: Phytocannabinoids were obtained using supercritical extraction technology preserving highest variety of valuable phyto-compounds during the extraction process. Final product was produced in accordance to pharmaceutical requirements under GMP conditions.

Product Specifications:
• Product amount (volume): 30 mL, 1 oz.
• Total amount of phytocannabinoids: 600 mg.
• Concentration of phytocannabinoids: 20 mg/mL (2%).
• Appearance: green, permeable liquid. 

Phytocannabinoids and other active compounds complement human endocannabinoid system and modulate immune responses that target causes of different disorders. Human endocannabinoid system is responsible for various biological processes including metabolism, cell proliferation and apoptosis, neuro-protection and immunomodulation, and it is critical to reach homeostasis. SATIMED products demonstrated more than 50% higher efficacy in pre-clinical cell inflamation model compared to traditional steroidal pain and inflamation relievers.


“Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a natural constituent of the industrial hemp plant that promotes and supports the nutritional health of aging bodies.”

(Source: US Government Patent #6,630,507: “Cannabinoids As Antioxidants And Neuroprotectants”.)